The Benefits of Organic Soap

The Benefits Of Organic Soap

There are many people who wonder what the benefits of organic soap are when compared to non-organic soap. There are a number of benefits that you need to know about which could impact your decision on which soap to use. Knowing the benefits will help you determine if organic soap is the right choice for you or not.

Organic Contains Glycerin

Glycerin is an ingredient in organic soap which attracts water from the air. When it is used in skin care products, it will help to maintain the moisture of the skin. When organic soaps are made oils, fats and lye are blended together with glycerin added to maintain the soaps integrity. The glycerin will settle between the molecules of soap.

In non-organic soap, most of the glycerin has been removed and replaced with other ingredients. This is one of the reasons why many people find that soap dries out their skin. This will increase the amount of creams that you need to use to keep your skin moisture levels correct.

No Artificial Fragrances

Artificial fragrances are often used in non-organic soaps because there are no regulations which state that they need to be listed. This means that your soap could be filled with chemicals that could cause irritation of the skin. This is not something that you have to worry about if you use organic soaps because they do not contain any artificial fragrances.

Organic soaps will use essential oils to fragrance them. This comes with additional benefits such as the therapeutic benefits of the oils. Of course, you should check what oils have been used in the soap and what their benefits will be. There are some oils which have negative effects on people with certain medical conditions and you need to be aware of this.

Better For The Environment

Non-organic soaps do not only cause damage to your skin, they also have a negative impact on the environment. When you use the soap, it mixes with the water that runs down the drains. This water will then start to pollute the environment through the water systems. The chemicals found in soaps can be harmful to the environment and using these soaps helps to spread the chemicals.

This is not something that you have to worry about with organic soaps because their ingredients are natural. The natural ingredients will not harm the environment, rather blending with it in a natural way.

The Antioxidant Content

The ingredients used in organic soaps have a higher antioxidant level than the ones in other soaps. Natural extracts, essential oils and the natural base ingredients will all be rich in antioxidants which are good for your skin. Antioxidants will help to remove the toxins from the skin that attack it every day. This will leave your skin feeling softer and looking healthier.

There are many benefits to using organic soaps when compared to non-organic soaps. These soaps will help your skin retain moisture and are good for the environment.

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